Why do I write a Blog?


Why do I write a blog? Do I need to write down my thoughts or experience on the Internet ? Here's some reason for me.



Express my ideas in order to get new knowledge.


Maybe you think that just only passive activities like reading books, watching lecture videos, surfing the Internet  are needed to learn about something new. Althogh input is a very important thing, it's also necessary to apply what you learned to the outside of your brain. 


I'm writing these passeges as taking a notebook in my brain. While many people take notes to obtain some (useful?) infomation from the blackboard in front of them, fewer people take notes in order to express your experience or knowledge in your brain.


Writing down your thoughts from YOUR BRAIN is an extremely efficient way to learn something important. 


Express my ideas in order to know about myself.


Human is not good at thinking deeply because we don't have a good memory. You need to write down what you think to keep considering profoundly.


When you solve math problems, you have to write numbers one by one to calculate complex equation. When you try to tackle difficult concepts like philosopy or literature, a pencil and a piece of paper are indispensable for thinking carefully and deeply.


You will find what you really think in your heart only after you express your own feelings in the world outside of your brain. Your thoughs will likely to change after you see passeges that you've written 3 minutes before.


Express my ideas in order to let someone know about me.


We rarely represent ourselves on the Internet. The Internet is so a wide world that there are chances that you will gain opportunity to get to know someone who have a lot in common with you.


If you are contacted by a Google engineer? If you are contacted by a billionaire? Though these are extreme examples, you could create opportunities to have someone know about yourself. 


I think the most important thing to communicate good people for you is to appeal your personality to them. It is impossible to get to know them without express your infomation.




As for me, this blog also contribute to practicing my english writing ability because I'm Japanese. Certainly, writing a blog in foreign language is a very tough task for me. However, tough practice is essential to obtain strong English skill and I believe this habit    will definietly benefit me someday.






Let me know if there's any bit of difference in the way I use my English